Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A lovely package and a return to normality?

When we arrived home from our (too) brief escape to a rural lifestyle, a lovely package was waiting for me as part of Jellywares' Spring Washcloth Swap.
I REALLY like the washcloth made by Kitty from a lovely cream eco-cotton, and I'm looking forward to using the honey, oatmeal and chamomile soap (which I will be declaring mine, all mine!) as well as planting the Zinnia seeds in a few pots for the front garden. I'm really lucky to have had Kitty as my swap partner. Thank you!

And now that we've returned from our few days away and hubby is now home for several weeks in a row(!), I'm attempting to get back into the vague routine that had been completely tossed out the window over the last few crazy weeks. Step one is to re-establish the meal plan! Admittedly, part of the motivation for planning things at this point in time is to try and convince Peanut that it's inconvenient enough to join us, but even if that doesn't work, at least having dinners organised will mean that dinners actually happen even if I'm cooking in my sleep... and maybe, the freezer might end up with a few extra meals in it. Here's hoping, anyway.

Monday: Spinach, Feta & Olive tart (making it up, using spinach from our garden and eggs from our chooks!)
Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff (Masterchef mag #3, p. 98, hopefully with leftovers for freezer)
Wednesday: Pasta Bake (making it up, but including Istra bacon bought on our way home from Daylesford at Istra's farm shop)
Thursday: Moroccan Chicken Stew (delicious Aug 08, p. 94, with leftovers for freezer)
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Lamb & Chickpea Pizza (Masterchef mag #4, p. 42)
Sunday: Cannelini Bean & Couscous Patties (delicious Sept 10, p. 114)

What are you hoping to eat this week?


Sue said...

Lucky you to receive such a wonderful dishcloth and seed swap package. I had seen Kitty's dishcloth on her blog and thought how nice it looked and I am sure you will be able to sneak the soap off without anyone else using it too. Hope your meal plan goes ahead, I really need to start doing that too.

kitty said...

I'm so glad you liked it!
Your farm stay sounded lovely, I love Dayelsford.
Have a happy weekend.