Sunday, June 13, 2010

Please sit down...

...I don't want you to fall over.

I finished something! And not only did I finish something, I finished something knitterly! Does that mean I can legitimately start calling myself a knitter rather than just someone who plays at being a knitter?

Started Friday afternoon and finished today, this is a super-easy toddler beanie from Michelle at twoandsix.

It's knitted in a provisionally cast on long rectangle and joined using kitchener stitch. I've found this explanation very helpful for getting my head around this grafting technique.

It has an i-cord type of trim around the brim, and has a single seam along the top.

I like it a lot. It was quite popular with the recipient, too, who refused to take it off after I put it on her in an attempt to take some pictures. If only she would keep still!

Pattern: Pea-green Beanie by twoandsix
Yarn: Patons Wilderness in blue (about half a ball)
Time to knit: 2 days, on and off, which is considerably longer than the 2 hours it took Michelle to knit the prototype, but unbelievably fast for me!!

Ravelled here.


Tammy James said...

Oh its so cute! Well Done. : )

Kate said...

It is gorgeous, as is she.
You are definitely a knitter when you start using that knitting language.
So ace to see you guys again yesterday

Amanda said...

I love it and you are totally a knitter :)...I have seen this hat and love it but am afraid of that darn kitchener stitch so I am off to save that link and give a go at this hat when I have some spare time..Beautiful model btw :)

Anonymous said...

so cute! i think i want one!

Gina said...

Putting my orders in right now! Either that or come and give me a knitting lesson again, I've forgotten... and the boys need beanies :)

Sally said...

Wonderful wonderful!!! Your daughter looks SO adorable. I love the rectangular shape. So so wonderful... ooops - I said that already.

sue said...

Congratulations Anna, you are definately a knitter! Your daughter looks so cute in it too, so it must be a winner.

ecoMILF said...

adorable! looks so cute! thanks for the links! xo m.

Amber said...

I love it. I really like how it's knitted horizontally. Great color, too. What a cutie in the new hat! :)