Monday, June 14, 2010

What's for dinner?

Last week's menu didn't go quite according to plan. Minestrone was substituted by pumpkin soup from the freezer after a seriously sleep deprived night of single parenting that made wielding a knife somewhat dangerous, and Saturday's meatloaf was so good that the leftovers were eaten on Sunday! (See that sticky glaze on the bottom of the pan? It was like a homemade barbeque sauce. Yum, yum, yum. Meatloaf will definitely be back on the menu before too long.)
Nothing festered in the bottom of the fridge, though. The veges for the soup were to be bought on Wednesday (so I didn't), and the chicken for Sunday night stayed in the freezer. Freezers are a wonderful invention!

The soft pork tacos were surprisingly good, especially when I was generous with the lime dressing, and my vegetarian variation of my frittata recipe was yummy (left out the bacon, added chopped kalamata olives and topped it with roasted cherry tomatoes). So all in all, a sucessful, flexible menu with no additional trips to the supermarket.

This week, we managed to get to the farmer's market on Saturday, so we've got lots of yummy veges to munch through. We will also have my Mum staying with us for the second half of the week. Here's what I expect we'll be eating.

Monday: Pea and Ham Soup (from freezer)
Tuesday: Chicken & Peanut Noodle Stir Fry (MasterChef mag, p.38) Yes, again. It's really yummy!
Wednesday: Pancetta pasta (my recipe, here)
Thursday: Spinach, Brie & Mushroom Freeform Pie (Delicious July 2010, p. 108)
Friday: Beef stew (from freezer)
Saturday: Fish stew (based on Moroccan Fish Stew in Everyday in the Kitchen, p. 178)
Sunday: Scrambled Eggs

Next week, I need to plan a couple of meals to restock the freezer...

What will be on your dinner table this week?


yardage girl said...

Yep - that meatloaf recipe is excellent! Good menu this week - I must get around to trying the noodles. Just posted a great breakfast cake recipe you might be interested in too. Nic

Tania said...

It is because of you that my shopping trips have been PLANNED! (ISH!). Before that I was still only going to the supermarket once a week (hate, hate, hate shopping), and instead of dipping out for extra items, I'd subject everyone to emergency pesto pasta, beans on toast and jacket potatoes, more times than I should fess up to. My family thank you Ms Dillpickle.

Angie said...

Oh I'm looking forward to reading all these recipes, I've seriously lost my meal planning mojo and this is exactly what I needed.

I had no idea masterchef also had a magazine! (OK so we don't have a telly & I live under a rock!) I'll have to have a flick through when next in the supermarket queue)

Vic said...

That meatloaf looks delish! I love The Thrify Kitchen and will definitely be giving it a go ... next week! This week is all planned! Vic xx