Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My sister in law gave birth to a baby girl a bit over a week ago, and we're heading off to meet her tonight. She's our first niece, and we're rather excited! I decided to make her something on Friday, so it needed to be something achievable by today for my snails paced crafting!

I decided to make some baby shoes after reading about these on Briney Deep Designs. And she was right: they really are fast to make, even for someone who still feels like working with dpn's seems like holding a few too many chopsticks! The ends were woven in on the last one this morning.
Yarn: Knitted Wit hand-dyed sock yarn won in a giveaway a few months ago - it was perfect!
Sticks: 2.25mm dpns

To be ravelled when I get the chance!!


Leonie said...

I liken using dpns to wrestling with a porcupine :-)

Beautiful little slippers.

Catherine said...

They look very sweet. Enjoy meeting your new niece tonight, how exciting!