Monday, August 23, 2010

A series of minimally related thoughts...

Last week, I managed to pick up some cardoons from the Farmers Market, and found a couple of different ways to use them over the course of the week. They were yummy as part of a pasta sauce, but they were magnificent like this!
These were simmered in lemon juicy, salty, floury water for about 40 minutes, before being crumbed with parmesan and breadcrumbs and shallow fried. Sprinkled with a little salt, they were fantabulous, and even met the 'more?' request from my daughter! If you ever find cardoons (most likely direct from the grower or in your own garden), I suggest you try them, especially if you like artichokes. Yum.

I've spent the last 48 hours or so going from being utterly disgusted with the election result, to thinking that it's probably a very good representation of the way most Australians currently feel toward either of our major parties (they're both a bit of a joke). I've decided to attempt to remove myself emotionally from the whole debacle and watch with interest what happens next (though if Tony Abbott becomes PM, I'll have a fair bit of trouble coming to terms with that, I'm afraid! Even if my husband has promised to take me out for a fancy commiseration dinner if that appalling possibility actually comes to fruition. And yes, I'm nailing my political tendencies to the mast. Why not?). I think that next time we move I'd like to move into a swinging electorate, because so far we've managed to live in safe seats held by one party or another, and it gets a bit frustrating knowing that my vote is effectively irrelevant. Political rant over. Grrr.

And returning to normal everyday life, I'm intentionally not planning a menu for this week. Both my husband and I are involved with an event that is running every evening this week, and one of us is likely to be in there most nights. BUT, we're not sure which ones yet, so rather than attempt to plan the unplannable, I'll attempt to do some seat-pants-flying. It could get messy!

However, if you're in or near Melbourne this week, and are interested in learning a bit about what Christians actually believe, you might like to come along to some or all of the sessions that are on this week in the city as part of Christ Expo. Here are the details:

What? How can we believe?
Christ Expo
Talks by Don Carson (different talk each night)
Where? Storey Hall RMIT
342 Swanston St (diagonally opposite Melbourne Central)
When? Monday to Friday this week
7 for 7.30pm

There will be people available to talk to at the end of each evening, but there's no obligation to talk to anyone if you don't want to!

And here ends a rather disjointed post. Possibly representative of present state of brain function.


LJ said...

I have also found the election results (or lack of) somewhat annoying, but as you probably is a good indication that neither party are really "stand out".

Good luck with the meal, or non-meal planning!

Sue said...

I have been a bit annoyed about the election this time around and think it is just a great big joke, but I will be sad if Tony Abbott gets in too. Can I ask you a quick question, which Farmer's Market do you go to as my sister is now on an organic meal plan and would love to know of some good places to go to.

becclebee said...

this really has been the weirdest election! i was bored to tears for most of it (except while ranting against the use of asylum seeker fear by both major parties). and then, well, nothing. how can we still not have a government? and it looks like we won't have one for days and days. i'm with you though and your commiseration dinner if we get Mr Abbott as our pm.

and i do live in a swinging electorate - for the first time ever! its fun thinking that your vote will actually count!

and lastly (sorry my comment is turning into a post all of its own). but lastly - i was at the Christ Expo last night. it was great! we are hoping to go again some time this week (depending on a couple of things) maybe i'll run into you knitting away there *grins* i'll be the one crocheting...

Angie said...

The election 'outcome' is far more interesting than the campaign was!

I'm gladly living in a marginal seat now after Denison being a super-safe labour seat for yonks!

Sally said...

We were initially considering moving to NZ if Abbott becomes Prime Minister... but now we're thinking that he'll wipe himself out in one way or another if he becomes the PM of a minority government. It is one thing for him to have contained himself for a five week election compaign... but dealing with independents on a regular basis???
... and remember when it gets you down that from July next year there is always Bob!

Nadiah said...

Even in a safe seat, you can send a message with your vote, depending upon which minority parties decided to run in your electorate. And then there's the Senate - there's always something there for everyone :-)

So... excuse me if this question is a little forward, but I am self-confessed election tragic, and I was interested to see that you are a Christian but not that into Tony Abbott. I was under the impression that most Christians liked him for his, um, values. May I ask which denomination/church you are?