Thursday, July 15, 2010

my creative space

Another dish cloth. A fast and satisfying hook, adding another item to the (currently very small) dish cloth stash!
Pattern: Sylvan Star Washcloth from Lion Brand Yarn (free)
Yarn: Sugar & Spice worsted weight cotton in green
Hook: 5.5mm

Ravelled here.

Slightly disconcertingly I have a slightly sore wrist after hooking a couple of projects in the last few weeks. It may be completely unrelated, but I'm taking it as a suggestion to get on with some other things, like knitting, or embroidery, or, shock horror, using the sewing machine! I have several partly finished projects in each of those categories, so you never know, I might finish something else...maybe!

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Liesl said...

Your dish cloth is really beautiful! Hope the wrist pain goes away quickly. Maybe its just the winter chill we've had these past couple of weeks.

yardage girl said...

A very pretty design

Kirsty said...

Dish cloths are a great way to practice aren't they.

Kate said...

Its gorgeous Anna!
I was looking at my blog posts from this time last year and they were all full of dish cloths. I was obsessed.
Hope the wrist is ok. Next time I see you I can show you the excersizes I've been taught for crochet wrist. X

Steph said...

Really lovely! I can't crochet but I'm all inspired to make a few knitted ones...thanks :)

Sally said...

Isn't that an interesting shape? Love it.

ecoMILF said...

Gorgeous! Reminds me of a sand dollar. xo m.

Michelle said...

such a beautiful dishcloth - almost too beautiful to use, but who could resist?
Love it x