Monday, July 5, 2010

What's for dinner?

While last week certainly presented some different challenges in the form of single parenting, I think I coped better than I often do. It might sound convenient, but I really think that having a decent meal plan in place definitely helped. A couple of meals got swapped around, but having scrambled eggs for lunch on the day I'd planned frittata (oops) wasn't the takeaway inducing debacle it might have been, as it was very simple to come up with an alternative because I'd already thought of one! I'm glad I did, because the frittata was really yummy a couple of nights later.

I also managed to make the chocolate croissant bread & butter pudding I'd hoped to fit in somewhere! I used plain croissants and stuck spoonfuls of King Island Chocolate Creme between the layers. I used the bread-&-butter-custard from Everyday in the kitchen. I think it would work quite nicely spiking it with pieces of dark chocolate rather than the chocolate creme. And the custard could definitely be spiked with something orangey and/or alcoholic, too. Mmmm. Maybe this week?

This week, life returns to some semblance of normality. Ahhh...
This is what I've planned:

Monday: Puttanesca Pasta
Tuesday: Chicken with roasted veges and hummus & tzatziki (fructose & lactose free*!)
Wednesday: Pumpkin & feta fritters (inspired by Sally's fritters)
Thursday: Hoisin pork & noodle stir fry (delicious July 10, p. 110)
Friday: Salmon with lentils (my recipe, here)
Saturday: Corned beef
Sunday: Vegetable & barley soup (from freezer)

I'm also hoping to make some oat and pecan biscuits. Once I get some more butter.

*Hummus will be home made, tzatziki will be optional, and the veges will be on the OK list. Apparently, onions are REALLY bad, and wheat is full of fructose as well!


yardage girl said...

Yum - looks and sounds great - especially the oat and pecan biscuits. If you haven't already got it, the current Donna Hay mag is quite good (I don't buy it very often - it can be a bit boring). I just made the Chicken, Risoni and Lemon Soup (page 120) and it was really delicious - super filling, and enough leftovers for lunch for both of us tomorrow. I'll be making it again! Nic

Vic said...

Looks yummy! I'm having menu plan jealousy! We're eating our freezer down before we move so not a very exciting plan this week! I'll eat vicariously through you! Vic xx

Liesl said...

That pudding with the King Island chocolate cream looks decadent - yummo!

(When my family gets together I have to cook fructose, fructan, egg and nut free, as well as diabetic-friendly. I have to be very creative!)