Monday, July 12, 2010

what's for dinner?

This past week has been another mix of cooking successes and discoveries that I hope I remember the next time the same scenarios present themselves. Case in point: when baking biscuits remember to press START when setting the timer. I somehow managed to catch these moments before they progressed from very well done to charcoal!
These pecan, oat and honey biscuits are normally very good, so I'll try them again before too long and if they work properly, I'll post the recipe.

The second lesson for the week was one that I seem to need to learn at least once a fortnight. Don't cook anything with more than two steps when my husband is coming home late! Freezer meals are good, as is basic pasta. Think very carefully about the sanity of anything else!!

The pumpkin and feta fritters were an easy peasy roaring success, and once I make them again, I'll let you know what I did. And even though there was a bit of musical meals and slight variations, there was no resorting to takeaway, which quite frankly, seems like a bit of a miracle.

This week, we visited the Collingwood Children's Farm Farmers Market, so the things we picked up there have shaped what we're eating. We've been going to the markets as often as possible this year, and it's great! Our regular stops include the potato lady, the mushroom man, the Mount Zero olive man and the gozleme stall (for a snack!). And I've even managed to say hello to Kate a couple of times! And there's ducks and chooks and lots of dogs for small people to get excited about! All good.

Monday: Fancy Pasta (goats cheese and sundried tomato ravioli from the farmers market!)
Tuesday: Spanish Chicken Rice (making it up)
Wednesday: Polenta with Tomato and Olive Sauce (Marie Claire Comfort, p. 137)
Thursday: Date Night!!
Friday: Beef Bourguignon (The Cook's Companion, p. 106) (with lots of leftovers for the freezer)
Saturday: Ginger & Shallot Steamed Fish (making it up)
Sunday: Vegetable & Barley Soup (from the freezer)

What are you eating this week?


Leonie said...

The Polenta with Olive and Tomato sauce is fabulous. Have made it a couple of times. The polenta is very filling and goes very well with the tomato based sauce. You'll enjoy it if it's a new one :-)

Gina said...

You're doing well!

What are we eating? If today's cook-up is anything to go by... Soupe au Pistou, (veg soup!), lots of granola, cauliflower curry, stewed rhubarb, cheese-and-bacon rolls... silverbeet and haloumi calzone, and toast, toast, toast, toast, eggs on toast. Homemade of course!

Word verification is 'undish'!

ecoMILF said...

I want some fancy pasta- yum! sounds like a delicious week! xo m.