Sunday, July 25, 2010


This past week has been crazy busy for me, resulting in the contemplation of a second afternoon nap for the day given that I won't get to bed tonight until after the MasterChef final is all finished! The highlight of the week though was definitely a trip to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair on Friday. While I was completely exhausted by the time I hit the wall at 2pm (ahem), it was a fantastic day because it was a) CHILD FREE, b) good company, and c) some new (to me) discoveries that I'm particularly excited about!
We started the day by attending a hands on workshop making Lucky Owls. It was immensely satisfying completing a project in 30 minutes, and the end result is lovely! The session was run by Be Be Bold, a seller of Japanese Fabrics and other particularly nice things. I was very restrained at their stand and only bought a bag kit (the bundle with the green leaves on top), and some lovely buttons that will be used to finish a cardi for the little one that I outsourced to my mother-in-law*. Sadly (for me) the shop is based in Lismore, northern NSW (though only about 3 hours drive from my parents' place...Mum? It's OK, I'm kidding!) but they do mail order so all is not lost (though it could be dangerous for our bank balance). Sigh.

I also picked up a couple of crochet scarf patterns from Sackville & Lane, a crafty shop in country Victoria which had some really impressive items on display at their stand. One pattern uses Perle 8 cotton and a 1.5mm hook, and the other a single ply wool thread usually used for crewel embroidery and a 2.5mm hook. Possibly an indicator of my questionable sanity, but hopefully fun!

There were so many stalls at the show that I walked past many without stopping, mostly because many stalls looked just the same as one a couple of stalls back. I think that the stalls that stopped me were less cluttered or fussy in their displays, used different colours to many of the other stalls, and had really fabulous samples of finished products. I also went to the show knowing I didn't want to buy much fabric, but I also wanted to be able to buy things that really stood out. Which I did. Except for the doll kit at AK Traditions. I spent about 15 minutes at their stall gazing at their wares, eventually realising that if I spent the money and time making one for my daughter, she'd never be allowed to have it just in case she ruined it. Defeats the purpose, sadly. But, my goodness, they were lovely!

Hopefully I get a chance over the next few months to have a good play with the things I picked up this year, so that I can justify another fun-filled adventure next year!

*I know my limitations: if I'd decided to knit it myself, she may have been able to wear it next winter, but she needed it now!! It's rather nice, and I'll show you once the buttons are attached!


Sue said...

It looks like you found some nice goodies at the show. My mum and sister went on Saturday and said a few of the stalls looked the same, or there were so many people you couldnt get near them. Those AK knitted dolls are beautiful. You can always but a book with the 3 designs in them and just use another 8 ply yarn to knit them up. I think the book costs about $20.00 if I remember. Your little owl looks very cute!

LJ said...

Sounds like fun. I love the owl.