Monday, June 21, 2010

what's for dinner?

Dinners last week were a combination of brilliant successes and slight disappointments. The moroccan-style seafood stew was magic, and if it works again next time I'll post the recipe! On the other hand, the chicken & peanut stir fry was not up to the same standard as the first time we had it. Still nice, but just nice, not amazing. And I managed to steam up the cups and glasses cupboard with red curry paste fumes, so that every cuppa I made for the next few days tasted disconcertingly of red curry paste. Hmmm.
On my top 10 list of brilliant recipe books. I love it.

This week, pancetta pasta is making a repeat appearance due to morphing into puttanesca pasta instead last week. The planned visit to the deli didn't happen (it's hard to make pancetta pasta if you don't have any pancetta), but hopefully it will happen today! At least having had a plan last week (and a growing awareness of what's in my fridge and pantry) meant that it wasn't too complicated to come up with an alternative on the spot. Normally we probably would have ended up with takeaway!

This week in our house:

Monday: Pancetta pasta (my recipe, here)
Tuesday: Hmmm*
Wednesday: Leek & bacon pilaf (delicious Feb '05, p. 78)
Thursday: Moroccan beef stew (Marie Clare Cooking, p. 98) Hopefully with leftovers for the freezer
Friday: Out
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Vegetable & barley soup (Every Day in the Kitchen, p. 35) Hopefully with leftovers for the freezer

What's being eaten in your house this week?

*This Tuesday is our regular fortnightly dinner with friends, and we're on dessert. Unfortunately, last week one of them discovered he was lactose and fructose intolerant, and he loves good food, so it really is quite distressing for him! Obviously, now dessert needs to be lactose and fructose free. Any ideas??


yardage girl said...

Bummer for your friend - try this one:
Good luck!

Lauren said...

My fave cook book. I've used it so much its fallen apart... I;ll have a think on the lactose/fructose thing. That's a tricky one!!

Kate said...

In my reader the bottom left photo on the cover of that book looked like it was something crocheted. I am embarassed to say I was more that a little excited about a cooking/crochet appreciating book.
I just wanted to pop by and say a HUGE thank you for sending me the ball of wool. It arrived yesterday and less than an hour later I had finished the vest. I appreciate it so much. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! If there is ever a ball of wool or a few odd buttons that I can post you in return just say the word.
Lots of love Kate XX

midge said...

what is it about this time of year and food? i am obsessed at the moment. your week ahead menu sounds brilliant

Leonie said...

No milk and no fruit means you can still use sugar which is sucrose and you can buy lactose free milk and butter (Nuttelex if nothing else) at the supermarket which leaves pretty much any fruit free dessert you want. Self saucing chocolate pudding comes to mind.....