Thursday, December 10, 2009

My creative space

My creative space is a tad overloaded today! It's mostly a function of 'that time of year', slightly complicated by a first birthday tomorrow!?!
I've only included the Need. To. Sort. It. Now. stuff: there's oh, so many other projects going on right now too, but SOMETHING must be put on the back burner!!

So today:
I need to finalise a birthday cake for a party on Saturday. I think for this birthday, the book is about inspiration rather than replication - I'm sure I have that to look forward to in the years to come;
I need to make a cheesecake today for a Christmas party tomorrow night. No time tomorrow;
I need to wind a skein of yarn for a Christmas gift project that needs to be started yesterday; AND I really want to get this cardigan finished!! All that needs to be done is the final edging and weaving the ends in. No more than an hour's work, but where do I find the hour!?!

Oh, and the in-laws arrive this afternoon for a few days, which may mean more or less time. We'll see...

Is everyone else's creative space this chaotic in the lead up to Christmas? Visit Kirsty to find out!!


Vic said...

Have fun..! Looks like you are going to be BUSY!

beck said...

Yep, busy at your place! It's that time of year when we all get that feeling that there isn't enough time. My hairdresser just told me that there IS enough time and the key is to breath, relax, write lists and KNOW that it will all get done. Sound advice, good luck xo

Gina said...

Um, good luck with that! (Packet cake mix is verrrrrry good... and the number 1 is very easy to replicate :-))

Meagan @ecoMILF said...

good luck getting everything complete in the mad rish. love the colour of that purple! xo m.