Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new year!

It's been a while!

After a particularly hectic lead-up to Christmas, a few days in Sydney visiting family and friends and then a week of down time at Raymond Island, we're back, and ready to begin the new year! While the down time was more theoretical than practical (chasing a crawler around in the dirt is not exactly relaxing!), I'm feeling surprisingly refreshed and enthusiastic about the year (or at least the next few weeks) ahead.

In keeping with the theme of a new year and new beginnings, I made a few new year's resolutions (original, I know). We had to put making these on our To Do list though, as our New Year 'celebrations' were spent unpacking from one trip and packing for the next one. But we did manage to somehow find the time! Here are my crafty/bloggy resolutions:

1. Learn to spin. I'm babysitting a spinning wheel for a friend for the foreseeable future, so I figure this is the perfect opportunity to attempt to learn a new skill. I managed to find some carded fleece while away, so all I need to do now is find a willing teacher!?!

2. Complete an average of at least one project a week for 2010. One of the benefits I've found from blogging is a dramatic increase in productivity. So I figure that it shouldn't be too insane to try to capitalise on that! It may result in a whole lot of crocheted washcloths and christmas decorations (not-quite-but-very-nearly-instant gratification), but I still need more of both, so that's OK! This also gives me permission to have several projects on the go at any time, and also multiple projects of the same method (ie crochet, knitting, sewing etc)! I'm finding that when I finish one project, it takes me a while to work out what to do next, so I need more than one in progress. Or is this just a clever way of indulging excess? We will see....

3. Keep a list of all the books I read in 2010. I already do this, but if I keep a public list here, then maybe I'll read more than just crime fiction!!

I'm looking forward to this year!


Gina said...

Ooooh goody! I'll look forward to you teaching me to spin yarn a few years down the track, hee hee. And I will be watching eagerly for your 50-ish small completed projects as they emerge. You blog name may have to be changed if you stick to that one though!

Pippi creates said...

Brave you making actual proper new year's resolutions! (I shyed away from this years ago). It is great how having a blog both takes up your time, as well as motivating you to craft more isn't it! I used to have a 'virtual bookclub' thing on my facebook page (in the days when I did facebook, now I just blog..), but it was my favourite function on facebook. I wonder if there isn't a similar 'program' for blogs? Sounds like something to research. Happy New Year!