Monday, May 17, 2010

Socking along

I'm making progress, far more quickly than I'd anticipated! I've finished the cuff and nearly finished the heel flap. Apparently the next bit is where it gets scary, but it's been a rather satisfyingly quick process until now!
I'm using Marie Greene's Beginner Sock-a-long instructions, which so far have been really simple to understand. My only modification has been to do the majority of the cuff in stockinette rather than rib (mainly to facilitate sensible conversations while still managing to knit in my currently limited multi-tasking capacity!).

There are a couple of things I'm a bit confused about though. All the pictures of other people's socks in progress have the right side out, but when I'm knitting mine, the wrong side is out. Is this just because people turn them out so pictures look nicer? Or am I knitting inside out?

I'm also very interested in any tips for dealing with dpns so that I don't feel like I'm knitting with pick-up-sticks! I keep having to adjust the needles so that the one I'm knitting from is on top. Is this odd?


sue said...

I always have the same problem with my socks! I have to end up connecting them the other way around so the stitches are the right way. I am sure there is a solution to it, I just havent bothered to look. I always just knit my socks like I am doing normal knitting and I only ever use 3 dpns and the 4th one to knit with otherwise it gets to hard to handle for me.

Bells said...

oh it's looking great!

it's fairly straight forward - i'm not sure how you've ended up with it inside out since as it grows, it just falls downwards and the right way. Try pushing the sock down through the centre of the DPNs and you'll have it facing the right way. You shouldn't have to adjust it again after that.

As for the DPNs feeling weird, that'll just take time. At the moment it's new and feels odd, but it'll get better.

Did you get my email response to you about the bag and my address? A bit worried it's gone astray....?

yardage girl said...

I'm so, so impressed and loving your colour combos. Nice work! nic

ecoMILF said...

Yes, those are amazing colours. What on earth are you going to wear with them? You have to find a way to show them off! Maybe add some soles an make them into shoes. They're too nice to hide! xo m.