Monday, May 24, 2010

What we're eating!

It's planned!

This week, dinners should be relatively stress free, as long as I remember to check what we're having with enough time to prepare what I need to (not always the case...). But at least with a plan in place, the first step is done!
This week, planning took me nearly 2 hours. Goodness! However, on reflection, if I've already done my thinking, I don't need to do it every day, and sometimes I can spend several hours in a day trying to work out what we're having for dinner. So I'm probably still well ahead on the time thing. Especially if I remember to shop efficiently!

Over the next few months, I'm hoping to gather a collection of bloggers who meal plan to link to in my sidebar, so if you know of anyone who regularly posts a meal plan, let me know! That way, I'll have a great source of inspiration that's easily accessible. So far, I know that Meagan regularly posts meal plans. Check her plan out in her sidebar!

A couple of notes. We're not vegetarian, but try to include one or two vegetarian meals a week, and also include at least one 'almost vegetarian'* meal each week. I try to cook most meals from scratch, but do use bought stock and occasionally use convenient options, particularly when sanity is the preferable option! I also often try to make extra so we can freeze the leftovers for another meal.

If you'd like to join me, even if it's only occasionally, please leave a link to your plan post in the comments. That way we can all get some inspiration from your plans!

Without further ado:

Monday: Fennel & lemon pasta Delicious June '10 p53
Tuesday: Poached pear with chocolate sauce & ice cream Making it up! (Dinner with wheat-free friends - we're on dessert)
Wednesday: Jamie's Meatballs The Naked Chef (This batch from the freezer)
Thursday: Coconut prawn curry Del June '10 p96
Friday: Spanish style baked eggs Making it up
Saturday: Roast Chicken with Alan's Gravy Every Day in the Kitchen (The best gravy recipe ever, quite seriously!!)
Sunday: Pumpkin soup Making it up (with extra for the freezer)

So there it is. I'll let you know how we went next week!

* 'Almost vegetarian' refers to a dish that has no fresh meat component but includes something yummy like bacon, pancetta or chorizo!


yardage girl said...

Good on you Anna - I'm not quite there yet, but the current Delicious mag did provide lots of options. Might try the lemon and fennel pasta this week too! Nic

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

I'm the same as Nic. I meal plan every week but am probably not at a point where I can get organised to share each week. However, I will have a think about getting organised cause it's a great idea to share.

Your week sounds great.

This week for us includes left over curry, omelette, dinner out, homemade pizza (including the dough) and Eggplant Parmigiana). Like you we try to have a couple of meat free or almost meat free efforts each week.

Makes good use of a limited budget and we waste very little food.

Tania said...

Fab notion indeedy. I shall be keeping a beady eye on proceedings and see if I can't stretch to a little more bloggy organisation in the near future! (my current meal plans are so hit and miss it ain't funny anymore)

Chicken Willow said...

I really need to start planning again. I might try and join next week. Thanks for the motivation.

Permission to Unwind said...

I love menu planning! That's one of my favorite things to do!! :)