Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's for dinner?

Last week I published my first proper meal plan for a while. So how did it go? Well, I think it was overall a success! We stuck to the plan, more or less. (The baked eggs got cooked in the pan rather than baked, and I didn't entirely stick to recipes as written, but the concepts and ingredients were essentially the same!)

My ornamental cherry tree, which has finally decided it's time to change colour as we close in on the last days of Autumn!

However, while I'm happy to visit the fruit & veg shop a couple of times a week, and pick up fish and meat as required, I'm aiming to limit my supermarket visits to once a week (at the most). Unfortunately this week we've visited the supermarket (at least) three times between us! The second time was because the fruit shop didn't have any corriander, and so I took the chance to pick up a couple of other non-dinner related items that I'd overlooked the first time, and the third trip was due to running out of uber goober's yoghurt (again, an oversight when writing the original shopping list). So, neither extra trips were related to dinner issues, but still very annoying. I clearly need to get better at writing the WHOLE shopping list.

Still, overall, the menu plan was a success. The amount of time I spent thinking about dinners was less than usual, and I felt considerably more organised. So I had more headspace for other things, which was very nice! And I'll be repeating the process, hopefully every week!

This week brings the official start of winter here in Melbourne, which means taking lots of opportunities to cook in the oven and eat comfort food! This menu includes a whole lot of inspiration from Cathy of TinnieGirl and MasterChef. Here is what we'll be eating.

Monday: Filled pasta with tomato, mushroom & olive sauce (bought spinach & ricotta pasta & made up sauce)
Tuesday: Chicken & peanut noodle stirfry (MasterChef mag, p 38)
Wednesday: Homemade pizza (including dough)
Thursday: Eggplant parmagiana (my recipe)
Friday: Out!!
Saturday: Gary's ribs (MasterChef website, here)
Sunday: Welsh rarebit (out for lunch so we won't need much dinner!)

If you'd like to join me this week, just leave a comment below with either your meal plan or a link to a meal plan post on your blog!


Tania said...

Cripes! I can see I'll be popping by here before every weekly shopping trip...

Vic said...

I love meal planning too! I too post mine on my blog, it really helps me keep on track!

I love new food ideas, thanks! Vic xx

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Oh, another great tip if you're trying to be more organised in the kitchen department is to get a magnetic pad for your fridge. Each time you run out of a core ingredient or regular item that you always keep in the pantry/fridge, or notice it getting low, you pop it on the list and half your shopping list is already written by the time you get to the weekly planning. It takes a while to train everyone but it works a treat.

We've made pizza night a regular weekly event now. The highlight last week was caramelised onions, prosciutto, pine nuts and Gorgonzola. This week we've had tacos, filled pasta with a Gorgonzola sauce (making use of the leftovers) and a couple of nights out. Oh and paprika chicken with rice and green tonight.

Too funny, my work verification is waddle!

Permission to Unwind said...

The best thing about a meal plan, I think, is that you don't have to try to think of what to make for dinner when you're already hungry. Our plans usually have to adapt a bit (like I swap days around for different dishes), but over all a menu plan usually works well.

Sally said...

I can't stand going to the supermarket. I avoid it as much as I can. I don't much like writing shopping lists either... thankfully my partner tolerates it much better. We'd be much happier if we were better organised - but I suspect that won't happen until I get my head out of the sand!!!

Suse said...

I really must get back to menu planning. It worked so well when I used to do it.

That Spanish Eggs recipe might just become tonight's dinner round here - it looks amazing!