Monday, November 16, 2009


After spending my 'me time' on Saturday morning cleaning up my sewing table and writing a list of some (not all - too scary) of the projects I have in my head at the moment, I spent some time in the afternoon making serviettes (which was on the list. Very useful, writing a list!). My daughter had an uncharacteristically long afternoon sleep which meant I started and finished all in one go! It really is a miracle.

The grass is looking rather brown, even on the patch I chose because it was greener! We need rain...
My not-square serviettes were made from rather large Ikea linen/cotton blend tea towels cut in half and hemmed along the cut side. It was really very easy as most of the hemming was already done.

I applied my recent discovery that hemming is easier if you iron a little fold (5mm ish) and then fold (1cm ish) and iron again, and THEN pin. Once I'd made 2, I started a production line and made 8 all together in comfortably less than 2 hours - that's fast for me!

So we now have 8 extra serviettes to give to guests (and ourselves) rather than squares of paper towel. That's got to be an improvement.

PS. I got this idea from somewhere in blogland a while ago, but have absolutely no memory of where. Apologies for not linking back to the very clever person who actually came up with this idea first!


Sally said...

Great work. Love your napkins.

It was good luck that your daughter had a sleep. My children seem to always have a long nap when I'm not organised to go on with a project & I'm sitting waiting for them to wake up so that I can get to the shop!!!

Gina said...

I see you made it back to Ikea... and lived to tell the tale. Nice napkins.

Tania said...

WHAT?!? Started AND finished something in one sitting? Oh, I wish. My hat is off to you.