Saturday, September 12, 2009

A clothkit!

A few weeks ago a parcel arrived in the mail from Lark containing a very nifty package!
Inside was a clothkit, which includes everything you need to make a particularly cute pinafore.
It includes the fabric, some lovely lining fabric, buttons, cotton, instructions, and even some tags.
The best bit is that the pattern is printed directly onto the fabric, which will hopefully eliminate some of the cutting 'challenges' I seem to have ;-)
I still probably need to find some decent scissors though. Any suggestions for what I should be looking for?

P.S. The bag is still going: straps were attached today (the right way now, after putting one on wrongly at first - need to pay closer attention to the instructions...), and the flap is nearly ready to be attached to the body. Yay for (slow) progress!


M* (Melanie) said...

Wow, a very nifty looking pinafore. I love the colours.

In regards to scissors. I own a pair of red serra sharp scissors. They are 18 years old and I have never had them sharpened, though I think it's about time I did. When I first got them I was very strict and would not use them on paper (bad for fabric scissors) but have grown fairly slack in recent times but they still cut efficiently.

Leonie Guld said...

I'm with M* go the Serra Sharp "mundial" you can get them online or at spotlight/lincraft.....don't bother with anything else they just wont last!! Every woman needs a good set of tools. If you are going online look also at the "mundial" Snips they are the perfect partner for all your smaller jobs....If your family are looking to give you presents for christmas or birthdays put your requests in, you wont be sorry!! Good Luck!!

Oh and I'm with M* paper!!

Gina said...

Hmmm, I think I need to take th scissor advice of the lovely ladies above.
Totally jealous of your cloth kit. But figuring my boys would look just a bit too purty in them...

Nikki Cardigan said...

What a cute little package. And great to hear the bag is still going!