Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Holiday finds...

I've never been particularly good at op-shopping. I don't cope well in shops that are disordered (unless it's a bookshop, but even then I need to be in the right mood). Part of it is a complete lack of patience, but it's also because I can feel quite overwhelmed by what I interpret as chaos. This is probably completely unfair to most op-shops, as I'm sure the people there do a great job of sorting through and organising all that stuff!

My strategy until recently was make a blinkered beeline for the books and that's it. Oh, and check the knitting needles too. But that's it! No need to be overwhelmed by everything else! Recently I've started including the fabric pile (if I can find it), and sometimes the linen collection if I can get my head around it :-) Can't really face the clothes yet, but making progress!

So, on holidays, I had the chance to practice. Nambucca Heads has two op shops for trawlers, and I found a few things at each! Unfortunately I just couldn't stuff the last few pieces into my ridiculously full suitcase, so I'll get them with the next grandparental visit in November :-)

Here's what came home with me....

A length of pretty floral fabric that I think was a bedsheet, a pinstriped pillowcase that will make a great bag lining, lots of buttons that cost me a whole $1.50, and a little kit with some evenweave, embroidery thread, ribbon and a needle! So much potential fun!
So the big question is, what to do with the floral fabric? I'm thinking a little dress/skirt/swing top thing for the baby of the house. The only issue is that it's about 38cm wide, which makes dresses slightly more complicated than they might be. But whatever it becomes, it'll be cute!

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