Friday, September 18, 2009

Cotton dreams

I went shopping yesterday. To Sunspun.

It's such an exciting place to visit! So many things to touch and look at! But I was on a mission, and only came out with what I intended to get (a miracle, I know). I needed some cotton for my washcloth swap project, and I also wanted to get a big range of different coloured cotton yarns to start playing with (envisioning Christmas presents).
So pretty! I got 15 different colours of Debbie Bliss cotton DK. I like them a lot!

I've already started! Such lovely colours and very nice to work with. Hopefully this means I'll keep on improving my yarny skills over summer :-)


Kate said...

They look gorgeous! Will you be knitting or crocheting your wash cloth? I think I'd better do a bit of cotton shopping myself soon and get started.

Tania said...

Given I am familiar with every one of those shelves at that place, I am heartily impressed you left with ONLY fifteen. But you certainly managed to get a colour fest happening!

Nikki Cardigan said...

You "only came out with what I intended to get"... wow. That derserves a celebration. You should go back and buy more!!!

Tammy James said...

Oh they all look great I have been wanting to try some Debbie Bliss Cotton. Hey I love your satchel too, it's a lot like the image I have floating around in my head ATM for the bag I next want to create