Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy day!

I missed a day. Bother.

As you might remember, *someone* permanently disabled my computer last weekend, and I've been relying on using my husband's computer in the evenings to make blog posts. Rather than making a blog post last night, we were sent out for dinner by my parents who looked after our big girl for the evening. We had a rather lovely dinner at Lulo in Hawthorn, and our littlest girl slept through the whole meal! I think I'm quite OK about missing a Blogtoberfest post when it was due to such a good cause!

And today I collected my replacement computer! Ahhh. It's an exact replacement for my old (spewed on) MacBook which I loved (probably more than I should), so I'm very happy. After much thought and discussion with people who know about these things, I decided that I really needed a laptop rather than an iPad, particularly if I go back to study in the near future. There will just be very strict rules about not combining babies and computer usage from now on!

If I had managed to post yesterday, it would have been to show you my creative space, which is centred around this yarn and this bag for the time being. The bag is a Sunnyboy from Michelle of Buttontree Lane. I discovered that she was not making any more and discontinuing her Etsy shop a few days after she first announced it, and was very relieved to discover there was still a handful of bags still available. As a Buttontree Lane Sunnyboy and/or Box for Socks was already firmly entrenched on my Christmas wish list, I couldn't let them disappear without getting myself one. And I'm very glad I did - I love it.

Sleep update: 7.5 the other night and 8 last night! And last night was only broken twice!! Things are looking up...


Leonie said...

That littlest girl of yours is doing amazing things with her sleeping. And you are doing well to have the knitting out. I'll keep my fingers crossed baby doesn't spew on your knitting next! I have one of Michelle's Sunnyboys and love it. It always has a pair of socks on the go stashed away inside it :-)

Sue said...

Oh lucky you missing a blog post and going out to dinner instead. Your little girl seems to be in a great sleeping habit already. Arent Michelle's sunnyboy bags the best, I have a few and have given some as gifts too. Pity she isnt making them anymore though!