Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the garden...

We did some planting in our vege patch a few weeks ago, and things are starting to appear!
Rainbow carrots

Zucchini. Or cucumber. We planted both and I can't remember which one's which.

Heirloom corn

Purple beans

And finally, our abundant spinach, which was planted a while ago. We're having trouble keeping up with it, eating lots ourselves as well as giving lots away! It's starting to go to seed now, so it probably won't be with us too much longer. We'll enjoy it while it lasts.

After a few gorgeous spring days, the rain has started tonight. It's good, steady rain, so our young plants will enjoy it immensely.

I love having a vege patch!

Sleep update: 5.5 hrs last night, plus a 30 minute nap yesterday afternoon (no opportunity for napping today). For some unknown reason, I've felt more functional today than yesterday even though I had less sleep. Hmmm. Trying for an earlier night tonight...?


Vic said...

yum! yum! yum! Hope everything grows well! Vic xx

Sue said...

Ooh your vegies look great. I think that may be cucumber judging from the leaves but dont count on me being right, it has been a while since I have grown either of them but some planting very soon in my garden will have to happen because my lettuces are about to be taken out!

LJ said...

Look forward to seeing pics once they are grown.