Friday, October 22, 2010


Look what arrived this morning!
It *may* contain [cough] 23 200g balls of yarn, BUT 13 of them are for my mother! The remaining balls that will be living at my house will eventually be turned into washcloths and winter knits for the smalls for next year. I hope...

Bendigo Woollen Mills has a sale on at the moment. Who could resist!?!


Leonie said...

I had resisted right up until you gave me that link.....and then I was going to be seriously tempted. Except now the link is broken at their end :-( Will have to check back on them later. Enjoy your knitting!
Fourth sock clue out in about 10 mins!!!!!

Sally said...

Yes... I got a letter about the sale yesterday... this weekend I will plan all my projects for 2011 and then I'll be off and shopping!!!

Kate said...

Holey moley that is a lot of wool!
Thanks for the links for that cast on method. Once I got it working I actually think it might be quicker.
Have a happy weekend.

Sue said...

Wow that must be one huge bag of wool! I only bought 3 balls of blush which is planned for a Tikki knitalong and 1 ball of allegro in the purple colorway. I am trying to be restrained so I dont pack more wool into the cupboards, they might actually burst if I put in anymore.