Thursday, October 7, 2010

My creative space

A bit hazy and distracted at the moment, I have managed to knit enough of a swatch to be confident that my gauge is about right for the Through the Loops Mystery Sockalong (rav link, blog link here for non-ravelers).
I think I love this yarn.

This is the reason for the hazy distractibility - NOT asleep. Though fortunately very tolerant of my attempts to learn how to wear a Hug-a-Bub baby carrier!

My Creative Space can be found over at Kirsty's place. I suggest you check it out!

Sleep update: About 7 hours in total - a good night!


Leonie said...

You win for last night. I spent until 5:30 am on the couch with the 3 year old coughing once every 5-10 minutes and tossing and turning constantly in between. He only stopped then because he was so deeply asleep nothing could wake him. Love the photo of baby dillpickle, love the black and whites, simple and gorgeous.
Your sock colour is brilliant, love the changes in tone.

Melissa said...

I love my Hug a Bub!! Seven hours is great, and that sock is going to look lovely.

Chantal said...

Lovely photos : )

Luvvie said...

Hello fellow knitter. Love the wool.

m.e (Cathie) said...

i think i love that 2nd pic!!

Sally said...

Great yarn... stunningly gorgeous baby!
You're doing so well to be blogging, knitting and caring for such a small wee thing. Take care!

Kylie said...

The wool looks great. Hope that you all get some more sleep soon. If I didn't have a hugabub for my two I would never have got anything done:)