Saturday, October 9, 2010

A sock cuff - spoiler alert

I have a sock cuff!

Just in case there's anyone out there who is participating in the sockalong and hasn't finished the cuff (highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened...), a pic of my cuff is below.

It's rather fancy, and involves tiny cables which I managed using a spare dpn because I don't own a cable needle and there's no way I was going to learn how to cable without a cable needle at this point in time!

The clue for the leg came out last night, so hopefully I'll find some time to work on it soon!

Sleep update: About 7 hours, including one 2.5 hour block. More like this, please!


Kate said...

Far out Anna, that is one fancy cuff.
I am in awe of you sock knitters. I hope to join your ranks one day.
I think you are probably due for one of those nights soon where you wake up with aching, rock hard boobs after sleeping for 6 hours.
Have a happy Sunday.

willywagtail said...

It's a very fine looking sock cuff but will end up being lonely if it has to live on it's own! Cherrie

Leonie said...

Hey congratulations on the sock cuff and on the sleep too! Missed a line in the leg pattern last night and had to yank back about 8 rows so have to redo them. It's not hard I just wasn't paying attention :-(

Luvvie said...

I am in the middle of a pair of socks and need to undo some and redo it....somewhere along the way I've lost some stitches....grrrr......I do not have cuffs on my socks....another challenge awaits me in the future obviously :)