Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bloggy book club!

Like I need to own more books. This is one of the (several) bookshelves that live in our house, and is not alone in it's over-stack-ed-ness. They're not all mine though: there's a stack of library books there, as well as several books that have been borrowed from friends. So surely there's room for just a few more?

After some careful consideration my arm has been twisted, and I've joined Pip's book club (admittedly it took me all of about 2 seconds to decide that it was a Good Idea)! I'm very excited! All I need to do now is to pop along to Readings and get my copy of the first book, The Time Traveller's Wife. What a brilliant excuse!

I'm hoping that I'll start to read a few more 'proper' novels because of the book club. I seem to be in a detective fiction/murder mystery phase at the moment with very little variation on the theme. At least I haven't resorted back to Nancy Drew and The Famous Five. Yet. Though it might be fun to reread some of those.....
Brain Needs Challenging, clearly. Thank you, Pip!

P.S. Hi Rival Anna, it IS me, the other Rival Anna! I couldn't reply to your message, so maybe you'll read this? Especially if Gina asks you to (hint, hint)? I splashed out and bought a walking foot on Monday after getting in touch with brother, but thanks for the offer :-) Next time I have an unpleasant moment in my relationship with my sewing machine, I might come asking for help!


Anna said...

Haha! Contact made! Enjoy your walking foot, mine has been totally worth it. Am not likely to have much helpful advice re future machine unpleasantness, but am v good at being sympathetic!
Rival A x
PS TTW one of my favourite books EVER. Hope you like it.

Lucy Bowler said...

I hope you enjoy the book - I really loved it!