Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The rainbow technicolour dream-cardi phenomenon

After my success with the appliqued tee, I was keen to find a new project to make for my daughter. I stumbled across a pattern for a striped crocheted cardigan that fitted the bill perfectly! After looking dreamily at the pictures for a few weeks after it arrived, I was jolted into action by Pip's challenge to crochet a granny square a day till the end of May!
NOT that I was going to crochet granny squares (started that journey already - will confess more in a future post...), BUT it did give me a deadline. I made a commitment to finish the cardi by the end of May (gulp). And it worked!!

Admittedly, it was finally completed during the first week of June, but the deadline meant that even though I couldn't work out how to sew the sleeve seams, I persisted and eventually got it done (thanks for the tips, Ravelry!).

I'm thinking there's a pattern here. If I make myself accountable to others, I might actually see the fruits of my crafty labour, rather than jumbles of yarn and fabric that never amount to anything. Therefore, one of the aims of this blog is to encourage completion and follow-through, mainly on crafty endeavours, but possibly other things as well. Like doing something about the state of my ridiculously full fridge. But we'll talk about that another time....

So, over the next few weeks, I will start to show you some of my unfinished projects. I might decide to ditch some of them once and for all, but I also might be inspired to put in those few hours to GET THEM FINISHED. We'll see. This is an experiment of sorts so who knows where it might end up!


Gina said...

Ha, you have already become the completion QUEEN in my view. Hope that your quilt is coming along. Don't be afraid to turn it into something completely different. Quilted laptop bag, anyone? :-)

Selina said...

very, very sweet!