Saturday, August 8, 2009

Confessions of a WIPaholic - episode 1

My (often very un-) helper ;-)

As I've previously mentioned, I have a number of Works In Progress stored in various places around the house. In an attempt to reduce the number, or at least limit the number of WIP's cluttering up the house, I've decided to keep myself accountable to you, my imaginary readers, and attempt to be able to classify some of these as FINISHED!!

So then, Project Number 1 - The Chocolat Charm Pack Quilt.

Up until last weekend, this project had been completed to the point of sewing a number of squares together into a rectangle. I'd also bought some extra fabric to sew some borders, and some backing fabric. And at that point it sat, in a bag, for about 18 months.

BUT, progress has been made!! Over the last week, the borders have been cut and sewn on! Which is a good thing, because when I pulled it out, I wasn't sure I liked it anymore, but now the borders are on, I'm feeling more positive towards it. Not LOVING it, mind you, but not DISliking it either. Phew. I think it's another hazard of leaving WIP's in the cupboard for too long, this whimsical falling out of love thing!

Today, I went and bought some batting, quilting cotton and basting pins. So I'm nearly ready for the next step! Except that I don't have a walking foot (for my machine - the feet attached to the end of my legs walk just fine). I seem to have bought an obscure model of sewing machine several years ago (a brother Star 15) and am having difficulty working out which walking foot will fit. Grrr.

So, the to do list:
  • Cut backing fabric
  • Cut batting
  • Baste layers together
  • Quilt the quilt
  • Make the binding
  • Sew the binding on
And that's it! If I can do those things, this project will officially move from the WIP list to the FINISHED!! list :-) I think I'm about 70% there at the moment, and will hopefully will have added another 10% by next weekend (the deadline factor!).

Wish me luck....!

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Anna said...

Hey, saw your name on Pip's book club list - are you rival Anna? (I'm the other one!) I have a Brother Star 110 and got a walking foot at the Moonee Ponds sewing shop in Hall St - highly recommended. Or if in fact we know each other through Gina, I could give mine to her to give to you? Not sure if there is more than one Brother foot - will check the instructions. But I don't have anything even close to basting right now so won't need it for a bit...