Monday, August 17, 2009

satchel dreaming

Husby needs a carry case for his new Macbook. Enthused (possibly overly optimistically) about my newfound sewing prowess, and skeptical about the environmental benefits of an inexpensive polymer case, I volunteered to make him a bag myself!?! As one of my most consistent character traits is that I have lots of ideas that rarely get seen through, he's a little bit concerned he may never see the promised satchel. Not an unreasonable concern given my track record ;-). So, I'm implementing the currently somewhat successful theory that if I tell YOU about it, we'll be seeing some action soonish!

Last week, I bought Nicole Mallalieu's Large Tote & Satchel pattern, which just needs to be stretched a few centimetres to fit a small Macbook. The pattern is from Nicole's beginner range, so should be just right for my (limited) abilities!

I also received some delicious fabric in the post last week that will be perfect for the bag lining, and meets with Husby's approval (a challenging prospect, but very important!). It's Ink & Spindle's Delft in Deep Red by Hollabee, and is really lovely :-). All I need to do now is get some heavy duty fabric for the outside of the bag, read the instructions about 10 times, and then I can start!

And now for the deadline commitment thing: It will be finished by the end of September at the latest (hopefully significantly before)!!

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Nikki Cardigan said...

Good for you for going down the handmade path. Nikki's patterns are awesome. With her instructions and your enthusiasm, I'm sure your husband will have a fab new lapbag by the end of September!