Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flower hack

I have several flowers blooming in my garden at the moment, with very little the result of my work - some of it even in spite of it!

A few weeks ago I hacked back the rose bushes, to the point where I was questioning the likelihood of their survival.
They HAVE survived, and one of them is already rewarding me with lots of pink blooms!

I think these are pelargoniums (like geraniums but with serrated edged leaves). I've done nothing to it and it's completely covered with large enthusiastic flowers!

And finally, here are my petunias, actually potted by me! Also blooming with gusto, in spite of my inability to remember to water them.

It seems to be gardening day in blogland - Nic has some lovely geraniums to show you!

Three more days till the end of Blogtoberfest!!


yardage girl said...

Pretty flowers and nice skills keeping them lovely! I love watching things grow and bloom - it's very satisfying. Thanks for the cross-post too! Nic xx

Amanda said...

They are beautiful and so vibrant. Looks like you have quite the green thumb :)