Wednesday, October 21, 2009

temporary custody

A few weeks ago, a friend turned up on the doorstep with a large suitcase. She wasn't moving in, but bringing the contents to live at our place for an unspecified time. I had already been warned, so I knew what to expect when I opened it up. Yarn. Unsurprisingly I was looking forward to it. But, even knowing what to expect, it was very exciting seeing inside!
It had been collected over a few years while my friend was living in the UK. There's lots of Rowan aran weight, some Alice Starmore Pure Shetland 2ply in lots of different autumny colours, some lovely purple Rowan DK, a skein of apricot single ply (possibly heavy worsted weight?) and several other goodies! And part of the custody agreement is that I can use whatever I want while it lives here. How good is that!?!

I've already used some to knit owl broaches, and I have plans for some brown Rowan aran weight that might end up fitting a small child, but other than that, I still have lots of yarn to allocate to potential projects! Any suggestions will be enthusiastically considered :-)


Kate said...

Oh you lucky duck! I still haven't mastered the art of unwinding those twisty things though. They always end up in gigantic knots.

sue said...

I too end up with knots and I have a ball winder, might need a skein holder too, although I have heard that sometimes you get tangles with those too. I look forward to seeing what you knit up out of all the gorgeous yarns.

Amanda said...

Wow..Lucky you..I need some friends like that. :)