Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot and not...

Today I'm joining in with Loobylu for what's hot and what's not...

What's Hot:
* Picking up the new Mike's Book Club book from the library. I'm looking forward to reading this one, though I'm hoping it's not toooo sad because I've developed a problem with watery eyes since having a baby!! I can't start it yet though - I need to finish my current read first, the particularly highbrow O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton (fun though!)
* Finding yet another use for my very funky knitting needle stoppers. I just realised I needed 2 extra stitch holders for this project, so a pair of dpn's with stoppers on each end are functioning nicely as a temporary fix!
* A baby discovering the joys of crawling. It's particularly entertaining to watch her discover her expanding sphere of influence at the moment!
* Making it to the second-last day of Blogtoberfest without missing a post so far - exciting for me, possibly tedious for everyone else ;-)

What's Not:
*Hems. How is it that I can successfully negotiate buttonholes (after a few false starts) but be undone by a hem?
*A baby discovering the joys of crawling. It means a serious re-evaluation of the state of our house. Bookshelves everywhere are not such a wonderful thing from this new perspective!
*Teething. Not fun for anyone in the house, especially at 4am.


Amanda said...

I hope you enjoy your book :)...I somehow escaped that over emotional stuff after having 4 kids but this latest one is making me pay for it...Emotions flying all over the place..(Here's hoping for a tearless read)

Yay for those stoppers yet again. I think I need some since it takes me forever to finish anything knit and the 2yr old loves to grab and run these days..grrrr

YAY for a crawling baby but oh yes it becomes such a bigger job for momma...((HUGS))

ok long enough haha...

Pippi creates said...

Aha, I've been eyeing off that book for a while, maybe I will have to join you with Mike's book club. Although when to find the time to read!? Lucky you with a now crawling baby. My 10 month has just started too and it puts a whole different perspective on my daily activities - namely the amount of sewing mess I can leave around the place :(