Monday, October 19, 2009

My place and yours: On the shelf

We're games people in our house. Not that we've played much recently - a new baby in the house complicated things for a while, and we've gotten out of the habit.

This is where we currently store our preferred games, under the coffee table. Though they won't be staying there for long - the little one is nearly crawling and games have lots of little bits!

We need to start playing games again, I think!

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Anonymous said...

Games, Rival A! I haven't seen most of these since we left Boston - friends used to have game afternoons. Some great selections! And a nice snapshot of nostalgia for me :)

Pip Lincolne said...

Wow!!! Look at those games, half of them I have never even seen before! I am totally sucky at Trivial Pursuit... but I am pretty good at Scrabble (don't take that as a challenge or anything!)

Merci for playing! xx

Anonymous said...

I lurve this shelf! My fave so far. Do you find the Settlers of 'Satan' to be the most fight inducing game ever? We've had some ding dongs over that game here.

Great shelf

Pippi creates said...

Sure looks like some fun in that shelf! Its been ages since I tried my hand at any fun like that. Maybe its time to pull out the old pictionary box...